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Hosting a Horse Show on Impulse

How did this show come about? If you know me, all of the big things happen on impulse. Yes, there's a little dreaming and scheming, and research...and then I'm all in.

I have been working on a Cowgirl Confidence series of clinics and a weekly group, hoping to develop a group of women that support and lift each other up while improving their horsemanship. I have all these ideas about working on mindset, building a relationship with your horse, and cheering each other on. It's been slow going, but I've had great feedback.

I have also been traveling around to local shows as a Judge this year, and paying attention to the type of horses and riding I see, as well as what people are interested in doing. Low level Ranch Shows are hard to find. If you haven't been introduced, don't have much experience, or showing a young horse, it can be intimidating. I know, I actually showed my very first AQHA show this year at 40 years old. It wasn't a Ranch show, but had Reining and Ranch Riding. After the fact, it wasn't a big deal, but it also didn't provide me with the camaraderie I experienced in my youth with 4H and Pony Club. I didn't see a whole lot of socializing in the camp area as everyone retreated to their luxury rigs leaving me to ponder life philosophies alone with my dog. It was a competition that I did alone, and I'd rather part of something.

As I prepare for an annual fall event that embodies many of these desired aspects, I decided I could host a clinic that would help others prepare for that same event. Then I thought, why not have a little fun show too? Lo and behold, once I opened this show, I realized that this is something many other people have been seeking as well. I have had several phone calls about the show, and I reiterate to both inexperienced and show veterans that this is a place for practice, learning, and encouragement. I want both the newbies and the show pros here having meaningful discussions. I would love to see an environment where everyone cheers each other on during their rides. Those that stick around enjoy each others company around a campfire.

We may not make all of these dreams happen at the very first show, but I think this is a really good start. And I think you're going to want to be here to see it.

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