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Cowgirl Confidence

Cowgirl Confidence is our new project here in North Dakota. After many years of being involved in the horse industry, I have found there is a collective search for deeper connections, better communication and overall understanding of how to be the best owner and rider for our horses.

This series focuses on helping women learn and grow in a place where there may be more opportunities to compete or work than to learn in a supportive and healthy environment. We want to provide a space that feels safe and comfortable to make mistakes and ask questions. 

This is for horsewomen that are beginning their journey or stuck somewhere along the way. This is for advanced horsewomen that are working with young horses. This is for women that need a confidence boost, or feel they can aid and encourage others. This is for women that just want to get out with their horses, or need a group of other horse women to find support in. This is for the loners, the cowgirls, the heroes, the hurt, the happy, the healthy, the socially awkward, the butterflies and the unicorns.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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