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Horse Legs

Riding & Horsemanship 

We are so grateful for all of our lesson students and training horses! As we improve our own riding, the horses improve too. Due to the increasing levels of our performance horses, we will have a limited number of beginner openings. We are currently full on beginner lessons and only accepting students with some experience at this time (June 2023).

New students should be able to initiate steps for grooming and tacking up with little help, safely lead the horse, mount and dismount safely, ride independently at walk and trot without a fence boundary, steer using both reins and legs and stop their horse. Western or English riding accepted, evaluation required. 8 years old to adult. 180 lb limit due to horse size.

We offer a goal-oriented program for students that are committed to weekly riding, improvement, and growth. We do not offer pony rides or non-lesson trail rides. Lessons following the evaluation are sold as a package and scheduled at the time of purchase.

We are accepting new student evaluations for our LaMoure customers at this time. Please message us online or email us at rawdesigns@icloud to confirm the schedule before booking.

Horseback Riding and Horsemanship lessons are available for ages 5 to adult. Beginning students learn independent balance, correct posture, and cues to move the horse. They will have the opportunity to try different styles of riding, both western and english. Intermediate to Advanced students will learn maneuvers on the horse in their chosen discipline, for example, pleasure, games (barrels), working cattle, jumping, and dressage. All students will learn how to communicate with the horse effectively, care for the horse, and build a relationship with it.


Students will have lessons both on the ground and in the saddle. Our program is a "whole horse" program. We value the horses that allow us to partner with them for a fulfilling experience and relationship as horsemen/women. As we gain better skills at riding, it is also important to learn how to communicate with, and care for the horses that we love. Students also gain life skills such as independence, problem solving, empathy, sportsmanship, partnership, communication and confidence.


Horses at RW Equestrian are well-trained performance horses that take subtle and correct cues from the rider. They are maintained to the highest standard for the safety and advancement of the student. Riding Lessons run from March to November as temperatures allow. Horsemanship lessons will take the place of riding in inclement weather, and winter opportunities will be available. Children’s lessons are generally scheduled in groups of 2-3 riders. Adults are generally private lessons. 

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