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horses in the pasture in fall

Horse Camps

Horse camps at RWE are day camps that include several fun and educational activities, along with horseback riding time. Students will learn about safety around the barn, caring for the horses, grooming and preparing to ride, and of course horseback riding.


Advanced topics of horsemanship are taught to the older groups. We will have crafts for all students and playtime for the younger kids.


What sets RW Equestrian apart:
Camps are limited to a small number of students, so they can be sure to get plenty of attention and instruction.


The horses at RWE are not typical camp horses. They are well-trained performance horses that make great teachers. Students should not kick to move the horse forward and may learn advanced maneuvers when riding correctly.


We focus on building a relationship with the horse and learning how to listen and communicate with the animal. We do not dominate or act as a passenger but learn to be a partner with the horse.


Camps are filled with learning. Our goal is to teach good horsemanship for the students’ future as an equestrian. We hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey with horses. Please contact us for more info.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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