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Sometimes you just go for it

Drifter is not quite 3 years old. He had a decent start, for what you can do with a 2 year old over a couple cold winter months. I have put in about a month of riding, with 1 week of good consistent pleasure focused rides. He has been off the farm for 3 riding lessons in an indoor arena, and I felt like he was ready for the next thing. When I told a few people what we were doing, I could see the look in their faces like they didn’t believe me that we we

Sometimes you just go for it. @top hand cowgirl challenge

So we did a big thing! Drifter worked cows for the first time at the Thursday clinic, and we felt safe and ready for the challenge. Not only did he get on the cows, we rode in a small space crowded with horses, rode a pleasure class without creating chaos, ran barrels for the first time, walked through a giant puddle as big as a creek crossing, rode without a herd buddy outside in the open, had dogs running around, cars driving by, and he even stood around quietly.

The baby grew up and hit many milestones this weekend. My goal is to work on each of the ranch versatility events with him and have him ready for his actual owner Becky (mom) to ride him for the fall challenge. He is going to be a handy and good-minded steed.

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